Sticky Charity fundraiser


In February of this year, during one of our meetings, Alex came up with the idea to organize another charity campaign, just like last year. In the months that followed, more and more shape was taken and the first action was conceived: cycling to Belgium. A sponsored trip to our southern neighbors of more than 200 km. Other actions also started to form, hair dyeing, baking cookies, clock heads and more. All with pretty reasonable targets. But then the bomb came, Joris and Ruben (and later Rick) promised to get a Sticky tattoo if we would reach €1515. This goal was obviously ridiculous and we would never reach it, right? The first day it went very fast, already more than €300. For the rest of the week this number continued to grow and grow and on Friday we came in just below $1000. Almost two-thirds for those tattoos. So just an extra promo message, ask around in the family app. Slowly but surely that magic number came closer. On Sunday we made it, with all the last pushes we have put the total amount at 1585 euros and 15 cents! I can't find the words for it, such a ridiculous amount of money by so many generous members. The board, candidate board and the MK would therefore like to thank everyone who sent in actions and everyone who has donated for their efforts. As an association we can be proud of what we have achieved and look forward to all the photos and videos of the actions!