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Software engineering / working student

About this role

Looking for a cutting-edge development job during your studies? At Matchinglink we develop a SAAS product which is used by some of the largest banks and asset managers in Europe. Based on a containerized microservice architecture it combines technologies such as Python, Java, Kotlin, Angular and MongoDb to solve and automate the investment challenges asset managers face. Our software is used to optimize investment portfolios to minimize risk and maximize revenue both now and in the future. All the time making sure the portfolio is also sustainable. Next to this we also offer reporting services to the national bank as well FX risk hedging. You will contribute to the team working in Java and Kotlin with machine learning in Python and frontend development using Typescript and Angular and during the development cycle you may also work on the containerization of our application so that it can be smoothly deployed at Amazon Web Services. Do these technologies all sound alien to you? No problem, your colleagues are here to help you learn. We expect you to be highly intelligent, ambitious, and willing to learn all the specifics of the investment industry.

  • You are a software engineering student, preferably in the Master phase
  • Good verbal and written English language skills
  • Enthusiastic
  • Eager to learn