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Part-time Research Assistant Data Science

The Utrecht University Law, Economics, and Governance Faculty and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam School of Business and Economics are seeking a research assistant for 8 hours per week for 6 months. Working hours are flexible. The FIRMBACKBONE team is seeking students who are interested in the technical side of data management work.

We would like to talk to students in computer science or a closely related field, who is interested in setting up a secured and mostly offline big data analysis stack that can handle loading, transforming, and storing large datasets (ETL) while keeping track of metadata.

A successful candidate will know complex IT architectures, given the use of multiple Apache products like Spark, Flink, Hudi, and Airflow. We aim to ensure scalability and security through containerization (aka Kubernetes). Therefore it is important to have (working) experience with some of the aforementioned products as well as both the Java and Python programming languages.

FIRMBACKBONE is a PDI-SSH funded initiative that is creating an organically growing longitudinal platform with information on Dutch companies. Students will be part of the team that aims to fulfill its prestigious ambition to provide restricted data with open science principles. We foresee a future where most research is conducted using these principles. As a participant, you will learn a lot about data management and the next generation of data for research.

The application should be directly emailed to Rutger Schilpzand ( and Wolter Hassink ( The application should include the following: • Your CV • Motivation for your interest in the position

We welcome applicants from women and minority candidates. If you have any questions about the positions, please direct them to Rutger Schilpzand ( and Wolter Hassink (