About Us

Study Association Sticky is a young and very active association. Sticky's birthday is celebrated on May 18. On that day in 2006 a party was held to celebrate the founding of Sticky. Back then it was still an 'association in formation' under A-Eskwadraat, but since Februari 1st 2007 it is independent.

Sticky is the association for computing and information sciences at Utrecht University (9 programs in total). Most students that follow these programs join Sticky, making Sticky count over 1600 members. To facilitate amazing activities for all these people, Sticky has over 30 committees and tasksgroups.

We facilitate our members with coffee, study books, weekly drinks and tonnes of activities. The 'gezelligheidskamer' plays an important role in this, being open nearly every weekday from a quarter to nine till at least five o' clock. Here our members can meet fellow students, work on assignments and get their daily dose of free coffee and biscuits.

The weekly 'borrels' and the almost daily activities make sure Sticky members can get to know each other and make new friends. The activities vary from film nights to DnD-oneshots, and from dance workshops to whisky tastings. That way we make sure there are activities for everyone.

Sticky is closely involved with education, for example by taking part in the various advisory committees in our department and the university. Together with teachers, Sticky organizes workshops, drinks and symposia. Teachers and department members are also regularly invited to activities, such as the annual study trip. In addition, Sticky is involved in the teacher awards for well-taught courses and puts forward involved teachers for the university-wide teacher awards.

Sticky partners with a lot of different businesses in the field, to smoothen the transition to the workfield for our members. We regularly organize lectures and workshops with our many partners. Sticky also offers a well-filled vacancy bank for our members and companies have various different ways to promote themselves among our members.