(update 17/03: sold out) Get your exec(ut) ticket now!


UPDATE 17/03: exec(ut) is officially sold out. They sold a whopping 300 tickets. The board and the exec(ut) committee are looking forward to seeing you all at the conference!

On the 28th of march it is time for the 6th edition of exec(ut). As per 12 January, the ticket sale has opened. So get your tickets here!

No idea what exec(ut) is? exec(ut) is UU’s own IT conference, for students by students. It will take place on Tuesday 28 March 2023. During this jam-packed day, there will be 7 experts who will give the coolest and most relevant IT talks; like how Google Imagen built their model, how to start your own start-up and the fun of programming with rust and webassembly, and more! Furthermore, you will have the chance to expand your network, to perhaps arrange an internship or (side) job. The day also includes a free lunch and drinks with luxury snacks afterwards!