Sticky is a dynamic, young study association of Utrecht University that is committed to students of Computer Science, Information Science and all related Masters. The association was founded in 2005 to offer information science and information science students, in addition to their studies, educational and recreational activities.

In the short time that Sticky has existed, she has acquired a position within the university as an intermediary for the students and companies. This is a position that we take very seriously and in which we have become increasingly experienced in recent years. We deepen ourself into the wishes of the companies and at the same time we are aware of what students want. This gives study associations a unique position as a bridge between the two parties. It is sometimes difficult for companies to profile themselves among students. We can use our expertise here to create unique access to students, both bachelors and masters.

Our aim is to ensure that the students are well informed about which companies are there and, when interested, can deepen into the company. Sticky focuses on making contact and informing students about the different options after their studies.

These options range from organizing study-related activities at the university and organizing activities within your company to placing promotions and vacancies on our website. In consultation we can draw up a cooperation agreement that exactly meets your wishes.

Sticky is flexible with its sponsors at all times. Any form of activity is possible, if it is realistic. We are open to all questions about cooperation options, or if you have other activities in mind. We hope to have a pleasant cooperation.

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Jorden Bakker
Commissaris Extern 2020-2021 Tel: +31 681 403 322 E-mail