Alweer de tweede en laatste Masterborrel van dit jaar! Alliander, Belastingdienst, Ebicus, Grant Thornton, GX Software, Keylane, Plat4mation en Sogeti zullen bij deze borrel aanwezig zijn om jou alles te vertellen over wie zij zijn en waarvoor je bij hen terecht kunt, tijdens en na je studie. De perfecte gelegenheid om te genieten van een overvloed aan heerlijk speciaalbier en de beste hapjes, en tegelijkertijd ook nog eens je aantal LinkedIn connecties een flinke boost geven!
Dus ben je tweede/derdejaars bachelor- of masterstudent en ben je op zoek naar een tof bedrijf om je scriptie te schrijven, of ben je binnenkort klaar om de arbeidsmarkt te betreden en wil je graag in één avond contact leggen met maar liefst 8 potentiële werkgevers? Of ben jij die persoon die alle goodies móét verzamelen? Dan wordt dit jouw avond!
Zet deze Masterborrel in je agenda en houd de FB-groep in de gaten voor meer informatie!

C++ Cursus

(English below)

Ook dit jaar zal Sticky weer een C++ cursus organiseren in samenwerking met Jacco Bikker (docent van o.a. Graphics, Concurrency, Advanced Graphics). Dus heb jij er ook altijd zo’n hekel aan dat je programma super traag is? Of dat al je vrienden grappen maken over pointers die je niet begrijpt? Kom dan je geest verruimen bij de C++ cursus.
De cursus zal wekelijks plaatsvinden op maandag tussen 13:00 en 15:00.
12 februari is de eerste editie met vrije inloop ter orientatie. Kom vooral even langs!’

Schrijf je in via:

Ga je dit blok Computer Vision doen in je master en heb je nog geen ervaring met C++? Dan is dit de manier om een goeie basis op te doen. Daarnaast, als je nog geen lid bent bij Sticky en daarom niet kan inschrijven, kom dan alsnog gewoon 12 februari langs en dan kan alles geregeld worden.


Yet again this year, Sticky will organize a C++ course in collaboration with Jacco Bikker (lecturer from i.a. Graphics, Concurrency, Advanced Graphics). So are you also fed up with the fact that your program is super slow? Or your friends making jokes about pointers that you don’t get? Then be welcome to gain some knowledge at the C++ course.
The course will take place on a weekly basis on mondays between 13:00 and 15:00.
February 12th is the first edition meant as an orientation, so feel free to take a look around to see if it’s something for you!

You can sign up via:

If you are following the Computer Vision course this year and you don’t have any experience with C++, then this is the opportunity to learn a nice basis. Secondly, if you are not yet a member of Sticky and therefore can’t sign up with the link, do plz come by anyway and it can be sorted out.

C++ Cursus


Over the course of a month, Sticky will organise several activities in collaboration with PwC. All of these activities are related to the same theme, being Security.

Quantum Cryptography (English)
by Tim Coopmans
Tuesday 13 February, 13:00, BBG 0.61

The security of most cryptographic schemes used today (for taking out money from your bank account, sending e-mails securely, or verifying your identity) rely on the assumption that computers need a huge amount of time to break the encryption. For some of the most-used schemes, however, quantum computers can in principle take a much shorter time to crack the encoded message. Fortunately, quantum computers can also be used to securely send data, where the security is guarantueed by the laws of quantum physics. In this lecture, we explain the quantum equivalent of the bit, called the ‘qubit’, and show how qubits can be used for encryption using the so-called Quantum Key Distribution scheme.

Want to get stoked already for the power of quantum? Watch

Lunch will be available.

Digital Forensics and eDiscovery (Dutch)
by Korstiaan Stam and Frank Blom, PwC
Tuesday 20 February, 13:15, BBG 0.07

A large company registered at the stock exchange which is involved in a worldwide corruption scandal; the Department of Justice and the European Commission are on top of it and we need to collect 20.000.000 documents from 80 computers, servers and archives and additional data from pda’s in 7 countries, by Monday!


We’ll tell you and all the other cool stuff we do!​

Cyber Security of Payment Systems (English)
by Erik Poll
Wednesday 28 February, 11:00, BBG 0.79

The financial system is an obvious target for cyber criminals. In this talk I’ll discuss the trends in attacks on payment systems in the Netherlands over the past decade, incl. attacks on ATMs, online payments with IDEAL, and online banking.

Here I will also present some of the research we carried in our research group in Nijmegen (e.g. into smartcards used for banking, internet banking solutions, and the new system for contactless payments), and some of the security flaws we discovered here.

Lunch will be available.

Workshop: Exploiting Web Vulnerabilities (Dutch)
with Lennart Herlaar and Arne Hillebrand
Tuesday 13 March, 13:15, BBG 1.65

Websites can be full of vulnerabilities: SQL Injection, XSS Scripting, etc. In this workshop you’ll get an overview of the most common vulnerabilities, and the opportunity to try your best to find as many flaws as possible in an example website.

Closing Drinks
Tuesday 13 March, 17:00, Vagant