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Traineeship Java Developer

Traineeship Java Developer

Product Development • Utrecht • Full-Time

Are you eager, talented and tech savvy enough to kickstart your career at Keylane? Here is your chance! During this Java Traineeship a.k.a. our 9-week Tech Camp you will have intensive trainings at our headquarters in Utrecht, the Netherlands, to become our next committed expert and start your career as a Keylane Java Developer.

In short

  • (almost) Finished your University or already have a Bachelor's or Master's degree (IT or Bèta)
  • Want to start your career as a Java Developer
  • Are you up for a high impact program with deep dive trainings for 9 weeks
  • Want to work in an International software organisation
  • Certify for 2 certificates

We have designed a solid Trainee Programme with deep dive trainings, but we will also personally guide you during this Java Traineeship so you can become one of the very best Developers around. For the right balance between Learning & Development we planned fun playground activities too, closing each week with a "Friday Funday".

During 9 weeks you will be inspired and guided by various Keylane (IT) experts & trainers. In the meantime, you'll prepare yourself to get certified for; Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and Dasa DevOps fundamentals.

This program is high demanding and will undoubtedly put both your technical and mental skills to the test, but it will also give you an inspiring experience that prepares you for the rest of your development career.

Key Information

  • Start 01 September 2020
  • Trainee program of 9 weeks in Utrecht
  • NS Business Card
  • 24 paid holidays
  • Building up fundamental knowledge and contacts with our IT experts in various key teams
  • Basics Databases, SQL, Java & Insurance
  • In addition to theory, you will mainly work with practical assignments
  • With this program you have everything you need to achieve the coveted IT certificates OCA & DASA DevOps Fundamentals

Key about your team

We always work in teams, so you will work closely with Consultants, Functional Designers and Testers. In addition, you are responsible for your specific talent & component within the project and a high level of autonomy is expected from you. After Keylane's Java Tech Camp you are the Java Developer who analyzes problems, comes up with creative solutions, makes decisions and push on until you get the job done. A wrong system setting, server configuration error, or a NullPointerException; mistakes slip in easily. You are up to the task to locate and fix the bug! Building new software is also one of your main jobs.

Your key learning journey continues

You'll initially follow our Java Traineeship a.k.a. our Tech Camp Program of 9 weeks. Then we offer you a detailed training program within the Keylane Academy, in which your personal learning journey continues. You'll develop yourself personally and follow training courses on efficient work & teamwork. You will of course receive a lot of personal guidance and we will also help you to further shape your personal journey within Keylane.

Your skills & personality

Do you want to make a real impact, are you tech savvy, digital driven, analytically strong and curious? And do you feel genuinely interested in Software, Information Technology and Product Development?

Then, you are the ideal candidate to kick-start your career at Keylane:

  • You have max. 0-2 years work experience
  • You have successfully completed your University program (Degree; BA or MA) in IT or Bèta
  • You are a team player and can perform under extreme pressure
  • You have great analytical skills
  • You are genuinely interested working in an International, Software & Technology driven company

This job offers you

A great opportunity to use all your capabilities to influence and help shape this role. You’ll be a part of a growing, private equity backed organisation. You will join a company where technology, people, and customer focus meet. But we’re not a company with masks and uniforms. We prefer that people are themselves. That’s why we’ve agreed to behave exactly the same way at work, as we do at home. Simply because it makes us happy and we believe a company is only as awesome as the people within it. That’s why we strive to bring onboard passionate people with amazing talent and work hard to support them in both professional and personal development & health. We acknowledge it is a fast-paced and tough industry. So we take good care of our own. So, just be yourself.

Key benefits

We will ask a lot, but we’ll offer you a lot too. This is a career challenge in a dynamic, tech savvy organisation, wanting to grow in Europe.

That is why we offer more than just a job:

  • Develop yourself as a committed expert
  • Upgrade your skills via specific learning journey
  • Explore our Keylane Academy
  • Work from home frequently
  • Get daily free & healthy lunches at our Appèl Café
  • Join our Playground activities
  • Attend (or host )Expert talks

Be Yourself

At Keylane, we take pride in upholding diversity and inclusion. We make a virtue of celebrating our differences. Granted – we are all similar in the sense that every single one of us is a committed expert each in their own field of expertise. But that aside, we are all quite different – and we cherish that!

So no matter whether you are Dungeons & Dragons fanatic, a square dancer, Pokémon player, board gamer or sports fanatic, you are welcome here. The only thing we ask is that you are the best at what you do. And in Keylane’s true spirit, it is of course up to you, whether you want to define yourself as a committed expert.


If you have any general questions about Keylane or want to have a quick chat before applying, just reach out to Campus & Graduate recruiter, Jochem van der Stam otherwise apply now!