Power Climate Smarter Living

We have been electrifying industries, powering homes and transforming life through innovation and collaboration for more than 100 years. Empowered by our goal, we are determined to enable fossil free living within one generation. To succeed we, as one of Europe’s leading energy companies, must be fossil-free ourselves. But that’s not enough. That’s why we are looking beyond our own industry, to see where we can really make a difference.

The capabilities to enable fossil free living

Climate change is a global challenge and therefore requires broader solutions. Nuon is part of Vattenfall which is present across most of Northern Europe and one of the leading companies in renewable energy production. Using our engineering capabilities across all parts of the value chain, from production, distribution and retail, we are better positioned to develop solutions and innovations that takes us toward our goal. That’s why, we can help our customers be more energy efficient, adopt smarter technologies to create their own electricity or heat and switch to cleaner alternatives that are affordable and easy to use.

In the fast changing world and with our ambition to become fossil free within one generation IT plays a key role. Only with the right team of professionals we will be able to succeed. Our 900 employees, located majorly in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Stockholm and Gliwice are providing stable and secure operations to run our business efficiently and play an important role in the transition.

To acquire new customers, we need to be creative and come with exciting solutions for our potential customers. In Agile Teams our colleagues are creating market-changing propositions. When it comes to our existing customers, they require more in depth insight in their usage data or e.g. solar panel production. We work with Agile Teams to create these solutions. In our fast changing environment, we are a good match with people that want to continue learning have a high adaptability, good cooperation skills and cherish their craftmanship!

If you match these characteristics, and would like to continue your career in Data Engineering or DevOps / Agile Engineering, come join us!