header 19/20 is the largest online shopping platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. Together we change retail to make everyday life easier. The code of our 500+ software engineers offers our 10 million customers more than 21 million products and an inspiring and personal shopping experience. Technology and innovation are essential parts of the culture and tech run through the veins of all bol.commers. Because of our complex and fast-paced environment, we can’t work with one- size-fits-all solutions. Every piece of code has an impact on our customers and partners.

Data-driven, realistic (mistakes are fine, as long as learnings are shared) and boldly going where no online retailer has gone before, we want to deliver upon our promise to engage and inspire all of our customers. Sound like something worth going for? We offer IT talent a unique opportunity to become an all-round Software Engineer. When you join the IT Young Professional program, we’ll take you on an unforgettable 4-step, 2-year journey through an innovative IT landscape! Want to know all about it? Check