Lezing: Low-latency Optimization in Trading Systems

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Denk jij alles over traden te weten nu ook jij 0.001 bitcoin continu heen en weer gooit tussen altcoins? Misschien al bezig met het automatiseren van je (ver)koop?
Kom bij deze lunchtalk genieten van een heerlijke lunch en luister naar wat de echte marktleider op het gebied van geautomatiseerd traden jou te leren heeft! Hieronder een korte beschrijving over de inhoud (Engels):

Optiver started business as a single trader on the floor of Amsterdam’s options exchange. Today, they are at the forefront of trading and technology and make markets in a wide range of financial products. They use their own capital, at their own risk, to trade on major financial markets around the world. Optiver’s innovative trading systems are key to their success, enabling them to respond swiftly to every change in the market and this is where the Tech department comes into play. During the lecture, Optiver will discuss the basics of trading at exchanges: e.g. what does an order book look like and how are buyers and sellers matched? How do trading firms connect to exchanges? What kind of network infrastructure and protocols are being used? Lastly, the importance of low latency systems for market making firms is explained and what kind of technologies are generally used to achieve low latencies.