ASML Lezing

Wanneer: donderdag 23 februari van 11:00 tot 12:45
Waar: Unnik 209

ASML is one of the most important companies in the world, Intel, AMD and NVIDIA might steal the spotlight with their chip designs and marketing, but all their chips are made with incredibly sophisticated machinery made in Eindhoven at ASML. These market-leaders in the semiconductor business are coming to Sticky to tell us about complexity and exponential technology. After a small introduction about what it means to be a software architect at ASML Tim Kouters will tell us about the challenges of dealing with an increasingly complex world experiencing exponential growth, to finish he will share his vision of the future and the many challenges it will bring.

ASML komt langs bij Sticky om een lunch lezing te geven over Exponentiële Technologie. Wil je er ook bij zijn? Schrijf je dan snel in op de lijst in de Sticky kamer. Er zal gratis lunch aanwezig zijn.